Nancy Sampson

The horseshoe wall hangers are inspired from my childhood.  People say “do what you know,” so I am. Creative ideas for the steel horseshoe hangers come from my love and experience with horses, years of rock-hounding with my parents, and the amazing variety of beautiful woods found in the Northwest United States—the states I have lived my life: Washington, Oregon, and Montana.

Horseshoes are distinctive, not alike in their shape or thickness—and the hooks on the wall hangers are similar, yet one-of-a-kind.  Horse hooves come in all sizes, and the horseshoe hooks reflect these differences.

My only regret, I can’t tell you how many miles, or where, the horseshoes have walked, trotted, or galloped—but you can imagine for yourself, each time you see and use your hangers. Thick or thin, round or oval, or the perfect horseshoe shape, I hope you enjoy your hanger(s) for years to come.

Like me, you may wonder what story could be told about each one…

Nancy Sampson Owner, Natural Creashyns, LLC.

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